Advanced Metabolic Testing
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Advanced Metabolic Testing

Advanced Metabolic Testing, LLC, partners with medical providers to bring advanced metabolic and cardiopulmonary stress testing into their practices.  Providers recognize the invaluable information these tests provide to their patient's in order to create specific strategies through movement, nutrition, and breathing, to increase their patient's overall quality of life. 

The testing provides an in-depth look into the patients cardiopulmonary system, making it an incredibly powerful diagnostic tool for the health care provider.  Since this testing is covered by insurance with specific diagnosis, most providers will order Advanced Metabolic & CPX Testing as part of the patients comprehensive physical exam.   

A health care provider's number one goal is to bring excellent care to the patient by offering the highest quality services in their practices.  With Advanced Metabolic Testing, LLC, we utilize only the highest medical grade testing equipment, highly certified testing administrators and registered dietitians to enable the most accurate data collection leading to specific patient focused interventions. We are a dedicated part of your team and communicate with the providers and the patient to make sure the patients care plan is executed without the provider needing to refer outside their practice unless absolutely necessary. 



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